Animated Animals - Short Films for Kids


Date Added: 18th February 2020


   15/11/2018: Added to Amazon Prime UK

   08/02/2020: Removed from Amazon Prime UK

   18/02/2020: Streaming Again



Animated Animals is colorful mix of seven entertaining short movies for children aged 3 and above. The little bird encounters a caterpillar, a fox, and a squirrel in the woods, the mouse is a welcome guest in the house, and the dog's best friend is, of course ... it's tail! These beautifully animated stories work without spoken dialogue so they're easily accessible to all.


Certificate: ALL

Year: 2018

Duration: 30min

Episode Length: 30min


Director: Lena von Döhren, Ru Kuwahata, Max Porter, Mehdi Alibeygi, Milen Vitanov, Christoph Englert



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