Tales from Morningview Cemetery


Date Added: 25th October 2018


An unlikely meeting between two unsuspecting hikers and one uninvited guest leads you on a journey through the quiet countryside recalling tales of obsession, betrayal, and supernatural powers as seen through the eyes of the dead and buried. At Morningview Cemetery . . . every body has a story that is dying to be told.


Certificate: Not Rated

Year: 2018

Duration: 91 min


Director: Heather Christopherson, Andrew Featherstone, Lucy Cruell, Dayna Noffke

Cast: Joy Kathleen Wood, Susan Defee, Joey Shealy, Rick Bedell, Parrish Brown, Deborah Purcell, James Ellis, Rachel Frawley, Misty Moon, April Shelton, Nikkia Lovejoy, Amy Leasure, Nikki Grote, Josh Lowder, Madeline Brumby, Tim McGahren, Stephanie Stevens, Rob West, Darby Long, Anna Bowman, Melissa Barron, T Jay Howard, Clara Louise Mongoose, David Rowe, Xtina P-T, Robert Hall, Ashley Martin, Joy Kathleen Shealy, Brandon Shelton, Stephanie Vaughn, David Gilbert

Studio: Shiny Pictures, Buzzworks, Cruell World Productions,


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