Before I Go

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Date Added: 25th October 2018

Date Removed: 28th July 2020

Available for: 21 months



Xavier and Lisa are happily married. Shortly after they were married they discovered that Lisa won't be able to have children. A terminally ill woman shares with her son, Michael, that the man she was married to may not have been his father. In fact his father may be Xavier. If Micheal decides to try to find out the truth, the pursuit might lead to disaster for all.


Certificate: 12

Year: 2018

Duration: 91 min


Director: Victor Jones

Cast: Ashley Pickett, Larry Jr, Michelle Livingston, Sabrina C. Williams, Tyler Prince, David Robins, TJ Howard, Joanie Geiger, Kailyn Gainer, Micha Devenger, Patricia McRae, Rhonda Edwards, Aquaya Lebron Hamilton, Celest Turner, Gail Ross, Annette Cross, Alexis Darnell, Milan Barnett

Studio: CSN Productions, LLC


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