Circle in the Sand


Date Added: 10th October 2018


For reasons unknown, a circle in the sand turns a happy beachside community into a zombie infested nightmare. As the zombies multiply, a young girl races to the circle in hopes to save the town.



Year: 2018

Duration: 11 min


Director: Sofia Lauren, Gigi Leighton, Dominic Giannetti

Cast: Gigi Leighton, Sofia Lauren, Lillie Arianna, Aria Blue, Abby Delauder, Dylan James, Sean Casey, Bailee Bonick, Kayla Casey, Tatiana Ydalia Espaillat, Zoe Cannella, Sabrina Velez, Mia Castillo, Max Goldfarb, Mia Lauren, Lauren Giannetti, Harper Brodsky

Studio: Studio Space


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