The Spy War Season 2 - Season 1

No longer available to stream


Date Added: 23rd August 2018

Date Removed: 11th July 2019

Available for: 11 months



As the war keeps going more intense, it is very challenging for the relationship between Qi Ben Zhong and Su Ruo Shui. The Japanese Spy goes deeper and undercover trying to steal information from the rebellion, Qi Ben Zhong is in a very dangerous situation where he has to protect his real identity got exposed and the people that he truly cares about, he will lose everything if he mistook one step.



Year: 2016

Duration: 3 Episodes


Director: Huang Jia Hui, Ko Zhan Wen

Cast: Yu Zhen, Dai Jiaoqian, Ren Donglin, Shirley Yeung

Studio: Distributor: Jetsen


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