Come On In We're Dead/The Young Brothers Massacre

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Date Added: 28th December 2018

Date Removed: 8th February 2019

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This documentary tells the true story of the deadliest shootout for lawmen in US history, 10 cops and one civilian went to arrest 2 brothers for murder on Jan 2, 1932, outside Springfield Missouri. The Sheriff had been neighbors with the brothers family so trouble wasn't expected, they were wrong, of the 10 lawmen, 9 were shot and 6 killed, it stands as the deadliest shootout for cops to date.



Year: 2018

Duration: 87 min


Director: Jim Hancock

Cast: Alpha Trivette, John Schmedes, Barry Piacente, Christie Hawn Hartrampf, Alex Mionie, Brad Corbin, Sam Gentry, Robert Hall, Brian Troxell, Daryl Hall, Bryan Crespo, Edward Reid, Kim Chastain, Jimi Lanham, Bill Humphries, Chuck Evans, Jonnie Eller, Will Acree, Chad Keller, Brian Crumb

Studio: Jim Hancock Productions / Come On In We're Dead LLC


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