Proper Manors - Season 1


Date Added: 31st July 2018


The Italian-American Sorrento's are trying to maintain a foothold in the small town of Proper, USA, where the establishment has always been in charge. Nothing is what it seems as we meet the residents of Proper, USA, a city fueled by gossip, scandals, lies, politics and money. Starring; Anne Sward, Hunter Gomez, Mia Tate, Walter Platz, Guy Nardulli and special Guest star Melinda Chilton.


Certificate: Not Rated

Year: 2013

Duration: 6 Episodes


Director: Billy Holden

Cast: Anne Sward, Hunter Gomez, Melinda Chilton, Corinne Broskette, Mia Tate, Carolyn Koskan, Walter Platz, Billy Holden, Guy Nardulli, Amy Savannah, Orion Hansen, Aaliyah Lightfoot, Rebecca Peterson, Victoria Lynn, Victor Medina, Jason K. Wixom

Studio: Proper Manors / Pietro D'Alessio


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