Once Upon A Time In Queens

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Date Added: 15th July 2018

Date Removed: 2nd May 2021

Available for: 34 months



The 1990's marked the end of some of the most powerful New York mafia families. Once feared, they were now heading toward extinction. Undermined by deadly rivalries and federal investigations, these families transformed into fractious strangers, and as a result, their undisputed leadership and power withered.


Certificate: 18

Year: 2013

Duration: 100 min


Director: sDavid Rodriguez

Cast: Lev Gorn, Michael Rapaport, Renee Props, Steven Bauer, Paul Ben-Victor, Hassan Johnson, Johnny Williams, Andrea Navedo, Roberta Wallach, Kevin Kelly, William DePaolo, Michael Sorvino

Studio: Kew Media Group


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