Gaurav Kapoor: HahaKaar


Date Added: 18th February 2020


   20/07/2018: Added to Amazon Prime UK

   08/02/2020: Removed from Amazon Prime UK

   18/02/2020: Streaming Again



HahaKaar is a culmination of 50 minutes of random jokes and stories from Gaurav Kapoor. It’s basically stories from his life or his friends’ life or friends of friends’ life. However, he will tell it like all these things happened with him and he is the victim of a weird school, weird job, weird trips and weird friends. Also, there are a lot of lies in the show which you will never know.


Certificate: NR

Year: 2018

Duration: 50min

Episode Length: 50min


Director: Karan Asnani

Cast: Gaurav Kapoor

Studio: OML


Amazon Rating:


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