American Autumn an Occudoc


Date Added: 12th July 2018


The first feature length documentary on the Occupy movement, American Autumn an Occudoc, offers answers for those who continue to ask: "what does the occupy movement stand for? What are our demands?"



Year: 2012

Duration: 75 min


Director: Dennis Trainor

Cast: Todd Gitlin, Cornel West, Medea Benjamin, Michael Moore, Dennis Trainor Jr., Margaret Flowers, David Cobb, Bill Moyer, Ashley Sanders, Cal Colgan, Kevin Zeese, David DeGraw, José Martín, Nathan Schneider, George Friday, Thom Hartmann, Naomi Klein, Leah Bolger, Jackie DiSalvo, Nelini Stamp, Chris Shelton, Shamar Thomas, Jamal Bryant, Sage Radachowsky, George Barda, Colin Momeyer

Studio: Artful Dodger Productions, Inc.


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