Camera Obscura


Date Added: 7th July 2018


For an LAPD crime photographer, documenting gruesome murders initiates his descent into total madness, as he "beautifies" the crime scenes by re-arranging the corpses. "A wonderful visual legacy that connects WeeGee, Peeping Tom and Blow-Up" - Variety.



Year: 2000

Duration: 114 min


Director: Hamlet Sarkissian

Cast: Jacqueline Aguirre, Susan Brecht, Molly Bryant, V.J. Foster, Cynthia Ettinger, Brian T. Finney, Roosevelt Flenoury, Cully Fredricksen, Ariadna Gil, Deborah Greenfield, Joseph Grimm, Mario Larraza, Christian Leffler, Michael McFall, Benita Krista Nall, Eiko Nijo, JR Reed, Sara Rodriguez, Adam Trese, Ilia Volok, Kirk Ward, Greg Watanabe, Andrew Wheeler, Culture Clash, Richard Montoyas, Ric Salinas, Herbert Siguenza, Jorge Alugrado, Jose Jesus Diaz, David Flamenco, Jesus Gonzalez, Aurelio Norag, Francisco Noraga, Anthony Piccno, Juan Pina, Michael Pina, Felix Vasquez, Larry Vasquez

Studio: Filmhub


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