Metal Down Under (A History of Australian Heavy Metal), Part 2

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Date Added: 13th November 2018

Date Removed: 16th October 2020

Available for: 23 months



Part 2 - Since the late 1970's a thriving underground scene of extreme music has continued to evolve in Australia. Metal Down Under takes a look at the bands, people and events that have shaped this unique slice of Australian history.


Certificate: Not Rated

Year: 2014

Duration: 54 min


Director: Nick Calpakdjian

Cast: Tony Campo, Andrew Haug, Robyn Maurer, Matt Young, Jason Fuller, Greta Tate, Steve Hughes, Chris Rand, Dave Harrison, Adam Agius, Peter Hobbs, Aaron Butler, Brad Wesson, Simon Lukic, Danny Estrin, Leigh Wilson, Matt Skitz, Brian Giffin, Dave Haley, Dan MacDougall, Rodney Holder, Karl Lean, Chris Maric, Dave Slave, Mark "Sham" Hughes, John Gibson, Matthew Chalky, Gregory Shaw, Johnny Stoj, Lochlan Watt, Lord Tim, Mark Palfreyman, Phil Gresik, Steve Rowe, Steve Watts

Studio: Animus Industries


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