Longing (Someday)


Date Added: 26th April 2018


A precious little girl is lost and abandoned in Korea, where someone helps her make her way to America. As she grows up, she encounters bullying in this place, but now it's time to take charge of her life. Her tribe supports her renewed passion for her own path.


Certificate: Not Rated

Year: 2018

Duration: 4 minutes


Director: Sunah Kim, Ziggy Chicano

Cast: Luke McQueen, Pulip Ryu/유풀잎, Seojin Moon/문서진, Foster Burden, Hyunhee Jeong/정현희, Brenda/최연아, Reinis Cimurs, Sevastiyan Tsvetko, Krisjanio Ures, Marie-Louis Krogdal Steen, Matthew S. Patterson, Tommy Son, Ivy Yap, Jae You, Victor Marre-Cast, Jaeho Lee/이재호, Sungman Lee/이성만, Yonghee Lee/이용희, Jason Cho, JungSoo Lee, Kiyeon Song/송기연

Studio: Symphonic Distribution


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