The Bill


Date Added: 10th May 2018


Lena and ten other women could not be more excited to celebrate Barbie's 35th birthday. When an unexpectedly huge bill arrives, the happy birthday dissolves into drama. As Lena works tirelessly to align the group, she ultimately reaches a point of no return. The Bill comical celebrates friends from all walks of life, as they react to an experience that is all too common.


Certificate: Not Rated

Year: 2017

Duration: 9 minutes


Director: Caralene Robinson

Cast: Perri Camper, Szalene Anthony, Tanyika Carey, Narci Regina, Nicole Belit, Nakima Baker, Sundae Van Allen, Nicole Sutherland, Kara Green, Angelique Chapman, Talisa Patterson, Tiffany Jackson, Perry King, Myriam Wilson, Rocky Lizardi

Studio: Coffee Bluff Pictures


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