Ghostland Boys


Date Added: 30th March 2018


Two best friends start a ghost hunting company as a scam to make quick cash when their plans to road trip to California are foiled by an expensive engine repair.


Certificate: Not Rated

Year: 2018

Duration: 1 hour, 38 minutes


Director: Chris McElroy

Cast: Matt Parham, John McCord, Tucker Shull, Aaron Lively, Sage Blalock, Chris McElroy, Hannah Swayze, Allison Jones, Cameron Wagner, Jay McGuire, Corey Schmalzle, Bob Bingham, Abby The Dog, Charles Greenfield, Joel Jones, Seth Brown, Henry Huff, Babe Slayer, Rachel Winstead, Anne Greenfield, Anna Flora, Elaine Greenfield, Jordan West, Gretta Smith, David Miller, Kellie Miller, Adam Chase, Dayton Wagner, Drew McElroy, Matt Kern, Andrew Kramer, Jake Stidham, Kevin Fielden, Matt League, Joe McMakin

Studio: Jupiter Journey Productions


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