Invasion Ireland


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Set in a future after the war between Mars and Earth, relations have reached critical point, tension is mounting and another war imminent. Told in a live news format, Jessica Heart, fearless news reporter broadcasts live from a house that a disgruntled Martian, Zelog has taken hostage after crash landing in their roof on a bid to escape, hilarious, biting satire


Certificate: 15

Year: 2013

Duration: 1h

Episode Length: 1h


Director: sCiaron Davies

Cast: Ciaron Davies, Jenny Dixon, Roger Gregg, Dianne Jennings, Lola Kingerlee, Gordon Mahon, Sean Markey, Geraldine Macallinden, Tristan McConnell, Klara McDonnell, Rory Mullen, Paul O Bryan, Seamus O Donnell, Raymond S Kinsella, Gerry Shanahan, Shawn Sturnick, Sinead Watters

Studio: Loose Gripp Films


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