And There Were 4


Date Added: 1st November 2018


Joel, an actor who plays a superhero named, Thrill finds his life in turmoil when a disagreement forces him to leave his home, but what happens when the fictional Thrill and reality based Joel begin to become interwoven as they each encounter completely different individuals with interconnecting journeys of relationships, love, drama and race with both fiction and reality colliding in the end.



Year: 2018

Duration: 83 min


Director: Saquan Jones

Cast: Shadner Ifrene, Damion Lee, Mysonne Linen, Rashad Bashir, Nathaniel J. Ryan, Bek Markas, Anthony Laurent, Ashley Morgan Bloom, Khalimah Gaston, Brianna Seagraves, Sarah Grace Sanders, Elliot 'Lee' Cowart, Tiffany Robinson, Raheem F. Brock

Studio: Life With Say, LLC


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