Dark Shadows: The Beginning - Season 4


Date Added: 9th January 2018


When Victoria Winters searches the Old House for David Collins, she is abducted and held captive by Matthew Morgan, the Collinses' fugitive caretaker who is hiding following the death of family friend Bill Malloy. A massive search is held to find Victoria. An angry and jealous Joe Haskell fights with Burke Devlin after he catches Carolyn Stoddard with Burke in his room at the Collinsport Inn.


Certificate: Not Rated

Year: 1967

Duration: 35 Episodes


Director: Lela Swift, John Sedwick

Cast: Joan Bennett, Mitchell Ryan, Louis Edmonds, Nancy Barrett, Joel Crothers, Alexandra Isles, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Dana Elcar, David Henesy, Thayer David, Conard Fowkes, Hugh Franklin, Clarice Blackburn

Studio: MPI Media Group


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