Dark Shadows: The Beginning - Season 6


Date Added: 9th January 2018


Dr. Peter Guthrie and Joe Haskell break into Laura Murdoch Stockbridge's crypt at Eagle Hill Cemetery. David Collins informs Victoria Winters that he wants to go away with his mother, Laura. Guthrie arranges to conduct a seance at the Old House to contact Josette Collins' ghost. Victoria makes a bizarre discovery that leads her to believe David's life is in jeopardy.


Certificate: Not Rated

Year: 1967

Duration: 31 Episodes


Director: Lela Swift, John Sedwick

Cast: Joan Bennett, Mitchell Ryan, Louis Edmonds, Nancy Barrett, Joel Crothers, Alexandra Isles, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Dana Elcar, David Henesy, Thayer David, Conard Fowkes, Hugh Franklin, Clarice Blackburn, John Karlen

Studio: MPI Media Group


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