Baghawat Ek Jung


Date Added: 30th November 2017


A man who lives in a joint family falls in love with the chief minister's daughter. Trouble ensues when the man suddenly calls of his engagement with his lover



Year: 2017

Duration: 24 minutes


Director: William Hoehne Jr., Wilhelm Von Hohenzollern

Cast: Aadhi, Poorna, Patrick Kilpatrick, Doug Haley, Isaac C. Singleton Jr., Angelique Kenney, Donna Spangler, Romi Dames, Tia Barr, Blanca Blanco, Ava Cadell, Suzan Hughes, Rachel McCord, Dustin Quick, Vincent De Paul, Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe, Dina Morrone, Tina Hillstrom, Vida Ghaffari, Estefania Iglesias, Alice Aoki, Gregori J. Martin

Studio: Wide Angle Media Pvt. Ltd.


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