Stay in Your Place

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Date Added: 29th November 2017

Date Removed: 25th June 2020

Available for: 31 months



Temptation is real and if acted upon a person can lose everything they have worked to achieve. 'Stay In Your Place' is a sordid tale of lies, betrayal, and infidelity. Deshawn, a married ladies' man and mama's boy is tempted to bed more women than he can maintain. Can he make his women stay in their place or does he become a victim of his own two timing ways?


Certificate: 18+

Year: 2016

Duration: 1 hour, 36 minutes


Director: Melissa Talbot

Cast: Ebony Tates, Damien Jones, Marini Chapman, Kimberly MissPinctoes Kane, Jay Walker

Studio: The Shoe Lady Productions, LLC.


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