Sneaky Pete - Season 2


Date Added: 1st December 2017


On the verge of starting fresh, Marius (Giovanni Ribisi) is dragged back into the role of Pete Murphy when two thugs-believing he's Pete-threaten to kill the Bernhardts if he doesn't take them to Pete's estranged mother and the millions she stole from their employer. Now Marius must tread a dangerous line to find her and protect the family, all while keeping up the Pete con.


Certificate: Not Rated

Year: 2017

Duration: 1 Episode


Director: Michael Dinner, Seth Gordon, Sarah Pia Anderson, Adam Arkin, Bryan Cranston, Laura Innes, Mich

Cast: Giovanni Ribisi, Marin Ireland, Shane McRae, Libe Barer, Michael Drayer, Peter Gerety, Margo Martindale, Victor Williams, Karolina Wydra, Jacob Pitts, Michael O'Keefe, Virginia Kull, Alison Wright, Mike Houston, Brad William Henke, Jeté Laurence, Justine Cotsonas, Kevin Chapman, Jay O. Sanders, Chaske Spencer

Studio: Amazon Studios


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