Love, Lust, A Room Key


Date Added: 11th February 2019


Award winner for Best Screenplay and Editing at IFS Los Angeles. Take a peek into the intimacy issues challenging the guests of the ficticious "Builtman Hotel" on one night. James Pomichter and Diana Hopper join an ensemble cast of characters revealing issues of infidelity, lust, abuse, love, and the search for something we all have in common. Something primal.



Year: 2015

Duration: 92 min


Director: James Pomichter

Cast: James Pomichter, Diana Hopper, Angela Relucio, Rami Paulus, Lindsey Grubbs, Veronica Barriga, Laura Liguori, Harwood Gordon, Marcia Walter, John Bain, Huber Berg, Phillip Andre Botello, Chris Connell, Patricia Rigney, Eric D. Altman, Nicole Lari-Joni, Jourdan Gibson, Rocky Benoit, Malcolm Devine, Victor Dante, Lejon, Nicolette Roux, Josh Pafchek, Victoria Blackburn, Kevin Carrao, John Lewandowski, Samtiamo Desilva, Beth Fisher, Jayson Douglass

Studio: Arcane Pacific Entertainment


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