The Soul Catcher


Date Added: 31st October 2017


The Demon is a fallen angel, banished to our earth in search of 666 souls before lucifer will let him leave. He moves through us in search of keepsakes where he can extract the souls of the damned. Are you next?


Certificate: Not Rated

Year: 2017

Duration: 1 hour, 29 minutes


Director: Steven M. Smith, Daniel Johnson, Zane Quazzani

Cast: Bruce Payne, Jon Campling, Jon-Paul Gates, Patch Harris, Giles Alderson, Debra Baker, Emma Claire Beckett, Toni Brooks, Cabrenna H Burks, Zane Casablanca, Stephanie Covell, Michelle Crane, Clive Double, Corrina Graham-Hodson, Aiste Gramantaite, Nina Hatchwell, Jeremy Hill, James Horsman, Olivia Jewson, Juliet Lundholm

Studio: Filmhub


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