King Lear

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Date Added: 17th October 2017

Date Removed: 11th February 2019

Available for: 16 months



This film is about a man with the heart of a gladiator; a man who fights an epic, awe-inspiring battle against overwhelming physical and emotional turmoil; a man with the willingness to enter into the bowels of hell to discover the frightening truth about himself and the world. King Lear is an in-depth study of love, power and death.



Year: 2017

Duration: 3 hours, 52 minutes


Director: Alexander Barnett

Cast: Alexander Barnett, Peter Holdway, Leah Filley, Samantha Dena, Alexandra Cohler, Jim Zidar, Eric Michael Smith, Jared Doreck, Aaron Strand, Steve Lebens, William LeDent, Brett Lawlor, Vince Eisenson, Dan Thorp, Cesar Constantine, Jared Jason Murray, Craig Allen, Michael Crowley, Frank Mancino, Taylor Rascher

Studio: Van Gogh Productions


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