The Small Woman in Grey


Date Added: 16th December 2019


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A group of teenagers go for a fun filled camping weekend in the woods. Unknown to them the woods they have chosen is home to a legend. The legend of a young girl who committed suicide just days after giving birth. Are the woods haunted by a peaceful spirit or a spirit hell bent on destruction? Or is everything not quite what it seems? Watch as our teenagers fight to survive until morning.


Certificate: 18

Year: 2017

Duration: 1h 39min

Episode Length: 1h 39min


Director: Andrew Eltham, Darren Byers

Cast: Jesse James-Reynolds, Becca Tizzard, Heather Russell-Kay, Matt Fisher, Brett Shepherd, Susan Barham, Aurora Collman, John Turner, Jordan Emmett, Sarah Dallinger, Andrew Eltham

Studio: Star-Dot Productions


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