Incredible Creatures That Define Design


Date Added: 11th October 2017


Enter an inspired world of design where nature is the teacher. A place where human designers sit in the Earth's classroom to learn the mystery of creation. It's a world of majesty and beauty. From the macro of planets to the micro of the tiniest cell, it's an all inspired design that is perfectly efficient, wastes nothing, and holds the key to unlock a new frontier of discovery.


Certificate: Not Rated

Year: 2017

Duration: 1 hour, 2 minutes


Director: Andy Lee

Cast: Rossi Morreale, Paul Filidis, Kevin Pinski, Andy Lee, Andrew and Naomi Lee, Tom Small, Colleen Pinski, Jennifer Fredrick, Kathy Wortley, Jimmy Allen, Jonathan Hermyn, Amanda Miller, Ben Hensley, Naomi Lee, Nathan Anderson, Noah Wortley, Jeff McLinden, Toni Morse, Jonathan Jermyn, Zach Tomas, Benjamin Hensley, Sean McCoy - Audio Sweetening, John William Doryk, Summit Rakmachandran, Library Music, Terry Degraff - DeGraff Inc.

Studio: Reel Productions, LLC


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