Brazz Sports Basketball Diary Three


Date Added: 2nd October 2017


Armed with the sounds of Lady Murk, a collective of young ladies from Tampa, Florida, participated in the Live Wire 75 basketball showcase. This version of Brazz Sports Basketball Diary shows a gritty bunch of girls battling for scholarships and the opportunity to be respected on Florida's high school basketball scene.



Year: 2017

Duration: 15 minutes


Director: Gezus Zaire

Cast: Luz Cruz, Morgan Hough, Mecca Bythewood, Mya Lamar, Jarrett Harvey, Kali Barber, Deaira Keaton, Alexys Mathangani, Macei Jenkins, Selena Dinovo, Jaela Davis, Ta'Viyanna Habib, Megan Watson, Zora Strowder, Nilah Coleman, Nilaja Bythewood

Studio: Rebel Life Media


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