Path to Glory

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Date Added: 18th February 2020

Date Removed: 18th February 2021

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Path to Glory tells the glorious, triumphant tale of Poland's horses, coming full circle from desert sands to the hallowed halls of Europe. Enduring decades of world war, upheaval, and political oppression, Poland's horses prevailed and became a kind of salvation-a reminder of man's connection to loftier nature. Together, the Poles and their breathtaking horses became the story of enduring legend.


Certificate: U

Year: 2015

Duration: 1h 25min

Episode Length: 1h 25min


Director: Jen Miller, Sophie Dia Pegrum

Cast: Urszula Bialobok, Erik Bialobok, Erik Erlandsson, Greg Gallum, Frank Hennessey, Howard Kale Jr., Gene LaCroix, Jo Lauter, Patricia Lindsay, Roman Pankiewicz, Gerard Paty, Izabela Pawalec-Zawadzka, Riyan Rivero, Marek Trela, Sheila Varian, Jerzy Zbyszewski

Studio: Questar, Inc.


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