The Virus


Date Added: 28th September 2017


The Virus (Wm McNamara) follows a group of film students who find a top secret test facility hidden in the wilderness. Unknown to them, the hospital was ground zero for a large-scale test of a truth serum based ten years earlier; a test that went disastrously wrong. Now infected with the deadly virus, the students fight against time, guards, each other and an inability to lie to find the truth.



Year: 2017

Duration: 1 hour, 33 minutes


Director: Michael Cramer, Troy Scoughton, Jr

Cast: William McNamara, Johnny Tabor, Sabrina Gomez, Marcelle Browman, Robert Dean, Kenneth McGlothin, Kathleen Shurkin, Fabian Valle, Wayno Shanchez, Dyami Thomas, Dalissa Contreras, Jack Lutz, Adam Ostland, Tommy Black, Eric Young

Studio: PRC Productions


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