Quiet Flows the Don (Part 2)

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Date Added: 31st July 2017

Date Removed: 25th December 2019

Available for: 29 months



A six-hour long epic (original director's cut) about the life of Don Cossacs in a village in southern Russia between 1912 and 1922. The leading character Grigori Melekhov is a rugged Cossac, who is torn between his first and true love Aksiniya, and his wife Natalya. Grigori Melekhov's personal life is shown as a rough journey through the experience of World War One, the Russian Revolution...


Certificate: Not Rated

Year: 1957

Duration: 1 hour, 50 minutes


Director: Sergey Gerasimov

Cast: Pyotr Glebov, Elina Bystritskaya, Zinaida Kirienko, Daniil Ilchenko, Anastasia Filippova, Nikolai Smirnov, Lyudmila Khityaeva, Natalya Arkhangelskaya, Aleksandr Blagovestov, Igor Dmitriev, Aleksandr Shatov, Boris Novikov, Aleksandr Zhukov, Gennadi Karyakin, Viliam Shatunovsky

Studio: Kinostudiya imeni M. Gorkogo


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