A Time for Heaven


Date Added: 17th December 2019


   14/07/2017: Added to Amazon Prime UK

   05/04/2018: Removed from Amazon Prime UK

   17/12/2019: Streaming Again



Based on the incredible true story about a tenacious nurse, who helped people that had reached the end of their lives come to terms with God and heaven, was assigned an unexpected patient. From the creators of "A Box of Faith" and "Before All Others" comes this inspirational story of unconditional love.


Certificate: 7+

Year: 2018

Duration: 1h 28min

Episode Length: 1h 28min


Director: Craig McMahon, Auturo Gavino

Cast: Bill Wetherill, Barbara McBain, Greg Lutz, Nadine Jackson, Shari K. Green, Tim Helmstader

Studio: Craig McMahon and Auturo Gavino


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