Luv for Keeps The Story of Madonna's Stalker

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Date Added: 11th April 2017

Date Removed: 5th September 2019

Available for: 29 months



Go inside the mind of an obsessed, love crazed, infamous stalker Robert Dewey Hoskins, the Convicted Madonna Stalker. Robert Dewey Hoskins swore he and the famous pop singer/icon Madonna were married. According to Hoskins, he & Madonna secretly wed in 1995. Hoskins says he never stalked the star, and the shooting was all a misunderstanding. Hoskins has a delusional disorder called Erotomania.



Year: 2012

Duration: 45 minutes


Director: Villalobos Body, Semaje Turnage

Cast: Joanna Harper, Brendan Webb

Studio: AO2k Productions


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