Clint Eastwood: Star Power


Date Added: 18th February 2020


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Born in 1930, Clint Eastwood has become Hollywood royalty, and beloved by audiences around the world! This special shows never before seen photos and footage from his early days growing up in Great Depression Era California to working as one of Universal's last contract players. Hear from his family, co-stars, and even the man himself, and get the unedited true story of one of Hollywood's greats!


Certificate: 7+

Year: 2002

Duration: 52min

Episode Length: 52min


Director: Kent Hagen

Cast: Clint Eastwood, Allison Eastwood, Burt Kennedy, Robert Townsend, Sonia Braga, Don Stroud, Dan O'Herlihy, John Agar, Michael Ansara, Norman Alden, Susan Clark, John Hart

Studio: Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG)


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