Day Of The Owl

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Date Added: 26th November 2019

Date Removed: 9th September 2021

Available for: 22 months



A very involving thriller about a small town mafia boss Don Mariano Arena (Lee J. Cobb) doing battle with a new police captain (Franco Nero). When a farmer witnesses a murder and then disappears, his wife tries to get help from both. Claudia Cardinale is the wife and she's excellent, desperate for answers and getting nowhere with these warring factions. It's a hard boiled film. Franco and Cobb...


Certificate: Not Rated

Year: 1968

Duration: 1h 44min

Episode Length: 1h 44min


Director: Damiano Damiani

Cast: Claudia Cardinale, Franco Nero, Lee J. Cobb

Studio: Damiano Damiani


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