The Best of Stand-Up at WCF - Season 2


Date Added: 19th January 2018


There IS something funny about Winnipeg! Especially when some of North America's best comics descend all at once upon this humble city each spring.



Year: 2012

Duration: 4 Episodes


Director: Michael Watt

Cast: Craig Lauzon, Patrick, Maliha, Renee Percy, Sarah Cornell, Scott Thompson, Shannon Tweed, Fraser Young, Jen Grant, Matt Kirshen, Nigel Lawrence, Simon King, Terry McGurrin, David Steingburg, Evany Rosen, Jeff Rothpan, John Steinburg, Judy Gold, Perry Pearlmutar, Stevie Ray Fromstein, Caroline Rhea, Elvira Kurt, Sheryl Hann, Nicole Arbour, Nikki Payne, Rebecca Kohler, Sherry D Sutton

Studio: Syndicado


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