Crossing Over


Date Added: 28th September 2016


Vanessa is a young adult whose life rapidly comes to a collapse with an aimless career, professional failure, and unrequited love. Vanessa finds herself failing at her job and as an actress. She discovers she was deceived when she proposes to a man who she thought loves her, only to find out later he has a wife and is starting a family. Wanting a change, she finds herself entering a new lifestyle.



Year: 2012

Duration: 14 minutes


Director: Karolina Szablewska

Cast: Emily Pettet, Joel Diamond, Nathalie Morneau, Agnes M. Laan, Mark Kilby, Veronica Reynolds, Becca Babcock, Bill Kidney, Rhonda West

Studio: NSCAD Film Academy


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IMDB Rating: Not yet rated

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