The Best of Stand-Up at WCF - Season 1

No longer available to stream


Date Added: 6th July 2021

Date Removed: 17th July 2021

Available for: 11 days



There Is something funny about Winnipeg! Especially when some of North America's best comics descend all at once upon this humble city each spring.


Certificate: 12

Year: 2011

Duration: 5 Episodes


Director: Lynne Skromeda

Cast: Dan Licoppe, Darren Frost, Elvira Kurt, John Wing, Jon Dore, Mike Ward, Seane Keane, Shazia Mirza, Andrew Grosse, Big Daddy Taz, Carla Collins, Dana Alexander, Mrs Hughes, Pete Johansson, Ryan Belleville, Claire Brosseau, John Hastings, K Trevor Wilson, Maureen Langan, Pete Zedlacher, Rob Pue, Steve Patterson, Alan Thicke, Hot Thespian Action, Johnny Bagpipes, Laura Laundauer, Michael Winslow, Andrea Martin, Cathy Jones, Gavin Crawford, George Westerholm, Jessica Holmes, Sean Cullen

Studio: Syndicado


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