Assisted Fishing

No longer available to stream


Date Added: 10th August 2016

Date Removed: 31st July 2020

Available for: 48 months



A lifelong loser, Dewey dreams of finding fame and fortune by beating his arch-rival in a big fishing tournament. In order to win he will need the help of some unlikely heroes - A wacky group of characters who break out of an abusive assisted-living home.


Certificate: 13+

Year: None

Duration: 1 hour, 40 minutes


Director: Joe Crouch

Cast: Theresa Lynch, Peter Vander Meulen, Michael Langenbach, Wil Philip, Bill Fox, Paul James Saunders, Arlan Godthaab, John Samaha, Willow Hale, Sandra Weston, Michael London, Gary Dion, Nathanyael Grey, Victor DeLucie, Matt Cohen, Lilit Alexandrian, Derrick Barrett, Nick Bell, Evelyn Stepp, Courtnee Moffett, Kirk Johnston, Ethan Crouch, Demitri Douzenis, Shekinah Crouch

Studio: Strata Films


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