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Since February 2014 (when LOVEFiLM changed) I've provided New On Amazon Prime Instant Video UK completely free of charge. I really appreciate the comments I get on Twitter either at the @NewOnAmzPrimeUK account or my personal @MaFt account. Like most self-employed techies this started out as a personal project to fill a specific void and also as a way to develop a few more of my coding skills. I found it really useful and saw lots of other people crying out for such a service from Amazon Prime Instant Video themselves - so I made it public. From your feedback I also added this website, the Facebook page and posts, 'new episodes' posts, the RSS feed, the 'removal' posts and a few other odds and sods.


This relatively rapid move from being my own little project to being a service I provide for hundreds of people has meant that the amount of time that I spend coding, updating, bug-fixing and databasing (yeah, I know, it's not a real word...) has also increased dramatically. I was initially reluctant to put adverts on the site because, as I've said, this is a labour of love and not a way for me to make a load of money. However, as visitor numbers have grown and I've added more web-based features such as the archive the bandwidth costs have massively increased. So I have added a few adverts to each page to bring a few quid in to go towards my hosting costs. If you don't like adverts then feel free to stick to the Twitter and Facebook feeds - this will also reduce my bandwidth ;)


If you really want to thank me with a donation then I'd happily accept a couple of quid added to the Beer Fund. There's a giant button below to help:



Thanks again for anything you donate - even if it's just kind words on Twitter - seriously, please don't feel that I'm on the scrounge!!

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