72 Hour Horror Film Race 2018


Date Added: 10th October 2018


Each year, filmmakers from around the world compete in the 72 Hour Horror Film Race - a competition that challenges them to create an entire horror film (write, film, edit and submit) in only 72 hours. The films in this anthology are the top 15 international finalists. Each film is preceded by a brief introduction by the filmmaker.



Year: 2018

Duration: 153 min


Director: Richard Tavernaro

Cast: Seth Hendricks, Kristi Von, Julia Plostnieks, Kire Horton, Heather Lynn, Lauren Simon, Mae Doucette, Emile Doucette, Emily Docette, Brian Wright, Paul Marino, Leon Doucette, Jayle Garcia, Aidan Cockrell, Brandon Barranco, Chris Sams, Doshel Nan Zhang, Sinwoo Ton, Jun Qian Chen, Scott Walker, Brian Knot McGugan, Carly Simone Fischer, Blayne Pearson, Kayla Juracka, Jesse Cartelli, Kate Kalus, Chris Mattice, Paige Huddleston, Mai Huddleston, Peter Peweti, Quentin Powers, Aaron Franke, Marie-Pier Marchand, Bryan Payerl, Gwynneth Bensen

Studio: Long Shot Productions


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