Playdates Anonymous - Season 1


Date Added: 10th August 2018


Leah joins what she thinks is a normal playgroup but it's really more like a parental therapy group. Queen Bee is at battle with the Tiger Mom and her court mandated life coach/yogi. Hippie Mom is still breastfeeding her fifteen year old boy and the gay work from home Dad is the only normal one in the group. Ms. Barbara is convinced she's their therapist, and Leah, is her newest study.



Year: 2018

Duration: 5 Episodes


Director: David M. Gutel

Cast: Raeann Giles, Angela Relucio, Erin Stoddard, Allison Lindsey Williams, Sheryee Buell, Jessica Sheehy, Jacob Bruce, Ezra Herz, Marcelo Mancini, Zack Kozlow, Eliana Rosen, Ke'ala Dunn, Makai Dunn, Kekoa Dunn

Studio: Alakai Productions/Raeann Giles


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IMDB Rating: Not yet rated

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