Dark Shadows - Season 19


Date Added: 10th January 2018


At the altar of the Leviathans, Barnabas Collins is attacked by a bat and is again a victim of the vampire curse. Dr. Julia Hoffman hopes to cure Barnabas by resuming her medical treatment of him. But Barnabas is unable to resist biting a new victim. Warlock Nicholas Blair returns and Angelique learns that both he and her husband, Sky Rumson, are aiding the Leviathans.



Year: 1970

Duration: 40 Episodes


Director: Henry Kaplan, Lela Swift

Cast: Jonathan Frid, Kathryn Leigh Scott, David Henesy, Christopher Pennock, Ed Riley, Grayson Hall, Don Briscoe, Geoffrey Scott, Alex Stevens, Michael Stroka, Christopher Bernau, David Selby, Jarred Mickey, Denise Nickerson, Cliff Cudney, Paul Geier, Chuck Morgan

Studio: MPI Media Group


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