Dark Shadows - Season 13


Date Added: 10th November 2017


As a result of being possessed by the ghost of Quentin Collins, David Collins falls into a coma and hovers near death. Barnabas attempts to make contact with Quentin through an I Ching trance but instead finds he has travelled back in time almost one-hundred years when Quentin first lived. In 1897, Barnabas is a vampire once again and introduces himself at Collinwood as a cousin from England.



Year: 1969

Duration: 40 Episodes


Director: Lela Swift, Henry Kaplan

Cast: Jonathan Frid, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Clarice Blackburn, David Henesy, Denise Nickerson, Don Briscoe, Joel Crothers, Grayson Hall, Vince O'Brien, Alex Stevens, Craig Slocum, Nancy Barrett, Thayer David, Louis Edmonds, Carolyn Groves, Audrey Larkins, Lara Parker, Roger Davis

Studio: MPI Media Group


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