Dark Shadows - Season 14


Date Added: 10th November 2017


In 1897, Quentin Collins and Magda the gypsy discover the mysterious urn which contains the flames of life for Laura Collins, an immortal Phoenix. Jenny Collins, Quentin's insane wife, escapes from her basement cell at Collinwod and attempts to kill Quentin. Magda, Jenny's sister, places a curse on Quentin which causes him to turn into a werewolf during a full moon.



Year: 1969

Duration: 40 Episodes


Director: Dan Curtis, Henry Kaplan

Cast: Jonathan Frid, Kathryn Leigh Scott, John Karlen, David Selby, Denise Nickerson, Louis Edmonds, Roger Davis, Lisa Blake Richards, Don Briscoe, Grayson Hall, Thayer David, Terrayne Crawford, Isabella Hoopes, K.C. Townsend, Humbert Allen Astredo

Studio: MPI Media Group


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