Dark Shadows - Season 15


Date Added: 10th November 2017


In the year 1897, Magda the gypsy hopes to end the werewolf curse she placed on Quentin Collins. She reveals to Barnabas Collins that she has gained possession of the magical hand of Count Petofi. After the Collins family learns that Barnabas is a vampire, he is forced into hiding. Gregory Trask and Evan Hanley plot to gain control of the Collins wealth.



Year: 1969

Duration: 40 Episodes


Director: Henry Kaplan, Lela Swift

Cast: Jonathan Frid, Grayson Hall, Don Briscoe, David Selby, Diana Millay, Denise Nickerson, Joan Bennett, Nancy Barrett, Lara Parker, Jerry Lacy, Louis Edmonds, Thayer David, Terrayne Crawford, Roger Davis, Marie Wallace

Studio: MPI Media Group


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