Dead of Knight


Date Added: 21st October 2017


Someone is going medieval on Marla's friends, brutally killing them one by one. When she tries to tell people what's happening - a cursed medieval knight is on a rampage - no one believes her. She soon learns that she alone possesses the power to end the mayhem in a family heirloom - The Amulet of Thorns.



Year: 2010

Duration: 1 hour, 38 minutes


Director: Joe Grisaffi

Cast: Jerin Julia, Brandon Hearnsberger, Dimitri Kouzas, Christie Guidry Stryk, Chelsea Aldrich, Dan Braverman, Todd Jason Cook, Kelli Cooke, Erin M. Corken, Calla Doll, Elaine Edstrom, Scott Frank, Richard Furin, Sara Gaston, Tiffany Grant, Kyle Greer, Scot Guillory, Alan Hall, Brenda Kuciemba, Norma Jean Lipert

Studio: Joe Grisaffi


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