Date Added: 6th July 2017


Due to a chemical weapons experiment gone wrong, the entire Earth became afflicted with total color blindness. A scientist finds a formula to correct the eyes perception of color, but as he is about to release it to the world, sinister forces murder him and steal the formula. Or think they have. They didn't steal the main piece of the formula and will now stop at nothing to get it!



Year: 2013

Duration: 1 hour 4 minutes


Director: Michael Legge

Cast: Hadria Douglas, Robin Gabrielli, Phil Hall, Bob Heim, Dwight Kemper, Stacy Kernweis, Michael Legge, Diane Mela, Don Paul Nogueira, Lorna Nogueira, James Porter, Rebecca Tredeau, Cherry Lynn Zinger

Studio: Sideshow Cinema


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