13 Hours in a Warehouse


Date Added: 16th November 2017


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After five guys pull off the perfect heist they end up in an abandoned warehouse waiting for their buyer to show up. But, it isn't the 13 hour wait that is upsetting; it's the strange numbers that keep appearing everywhere and the feeling like they are being watched. When they finally figure out that they are not alone, it's too late to get out alive.



Year: 2008

Duration: 1 hour, 31 minutes


Director: Dav Kaufman

Cast: Carson Lee, Chars Bonin, Danny Salmen, Paul Cram, Cody Lyman, Daniel Jay Salmen, Meisha Johnson, Carly McMenoman, Rachel Grubb, Kathryn Vento, Kati Batchelder, Mark Wipple, Terry Jones, Daniel Mayer, Bennett Bervig, Jared Kaufman

Studio: Maverick Entertainment Group


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